Prostitution is not a choice. It is a survival strategy for women without better options in life.


Trafficking is the very dark side of prostitution. “Sex trafficking" is forced prostitution, that destroys thousands of the women and the often under-age girls involved.


The women are lured by the promise of false jobs abroad, lured by the promise of a better life being a dancer or by false marriage to a man in Western Europe.


They leave home just to end up being forced into selling their body for money, which they rarely get themselves.


The trafficked women and girls are victims of extreme daily abuse and a lot of violence.


Have you ever given it a thought, that if or when you buy sex from a woman, you might actually be raping her!?


Other women - voluntarily - in prostitution or in porn modelling are doing this to make money or other benefits for themselves.


Although the choice of prostitution may be by her “own” choice, most likely she has made the choice of prostitution in lack of a better option for herself e.g. by finding alternatives like an ordinary job, getting an education or even by getting married and cared for.


It is difficult to define, if the prostitute is a victim of trafficking or not.

By having her "to serve" the man intimately and by doing this for a fee is certainly a sign, that the woman would not have done it voluntarily. Maybe she is being forced by a cruel pimp, or maybe not. Nevertheless, something or someone is forcing her to prostitute and to sell her body to get money.

Help the world to improve – as a start; do not buy sex from a prostitute!

Stop trafficking! It is evil rape!